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DiscLive Network is pleased to bring you the new and improved "DiscLive" concept of INSTANT LIVE MEDIA. DiscLive Network is equipped with state-of-the-art recording equipment to record your live performances, and release the content for sale immediately after your show, usually at little or no up-front cost to the artist! Or, you can have our professional live audio engineers record your show and you can keep the masters and do with them what you will.

What is DiscLive Network?
DiscLive Network is a full service production unit that records live events and makes the content available immediately after the show via a variety of media formats. We can record both high quality audio and/or HD video. The artist/label is paid per a few different models we offer, most of which involve no out-of-pocket cost to the artist/label. This is truly found money and creates a new revenue stream without any additional work on the part of the artist! Best of all, DiscLive Network seeks no publishing rights - only the exclusive right to sell the recordings for a certain period of time. There are many different deals we can make, however, depending upon the artist and/or label.

We are NOT simply a technology company selling an end-user product; we are the most experienced "immediate" live team in the industry, with over a decade of experience delivering to big and small artists alike. We do not require any help from the crew of the artist, venue, or label. We are 100% self-contained. Of course, you have the option of having your own engineer involved if you choose.

How does it work?
There are a few ways to go about it.

LIVE INSTANT MEDIA DISTRIBUTION - CDs, DVDS, USB WRISTBANDS, DIGITAL AND MORE! We can deliver quality, multitracked live INSTANT CDs, DVDs and more - immediately after the show - to your fans, using state-of-the-art mobile recording units specifically engineered to our tough standards; or we can push content out to fans at a later time, if artist approval is required. As part of our service we also offer full online ordering and fulfillment for those products that you want to make available for "ship home" orders.

Typically our products have traditionally been limited-edition collectible disc sets, which become highly prized. For example, DiscLive's (our team's) recording of "The Doors of the 21st Century" in Anaheim, CA, sold out even before the event was over. We later saw those CD sets turn up on eBay for hundreds of dollars.

The good thing about our concept is that it is beneficial to all parties - the artist (of course), the label (if signed), managers, agents, and venues. Our concept is truly "found revenue" and does not take away from revenue generated from other means (such as studio CDs or T-shirts) but rather enhances sales of these items.

You have to agree that the recording is "live" and is "as is" for those products distributed on-site. We will not have time to be choosy about song selection if you want your fans to buy a CD. The good news is that we are very good at this process. We've worked with many artists over the years and our recordings are top quality. If we do distribute media at the show, the product will be mixed and mastered on the fly by our top notch engineers and the media, whatever the format, will be made available within a few minutes after your performance on custom designed and imprinted units. In some cases we also offer ship-home products that fans may order from the website. In these cases, we most often remix it to have a superior sound than can be achieved on the road.

Are there any bells and whistles?
Absolutely. We normally have custom designed "Digi-Pak" or other CD packaging designed and printed for you in advance of your show, so your CDs are truly collectors items. In some cases with DiscLive for example, these limited edition CD sets end up being far more valuable than their asking price because of the collectibility factor (as mentioned above). At DiscLive, we had Pixies CDs selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay.

We also offer "direct to digital device" (including some new and exciting propositions), delivery of performances, enhanced discs, and full "instant" DVD production which can also be sold to your fans at the show.

Why would an artist want to do this?
It's very simple. FOUND MONEY. Other the money you will make - the best thing that you can do is let your fan take home their experience. This lets the artist connect with their fans in a much more intimate way than ever before. They will put that CD in their car stereo on the way home or strap on their iPod and will relive each and every moment. This is a way that artists can really connect with their fans, but also to increase their revenue and also to get a quality recording.

Why DiscLive Network?
Over the years there have been a few companies who have tried torecord live events and distribute content immediately afterwards. Only DiscLive (our DiscLive Network team), through years of experience with working with artists big and small, perfected the automation and business processes necessary to scale the business and deliver QUALITY content. As music industry professionals, we also very much understand the nuances of this very specific industry. Sure, we are very technical - after all, it was our team that came up with "direct to iPod" distribution back in 2005, and it was our team that created the first and only "secure burn" solution (NetBurn Secure), that protected the rights of artists and labels.

Sure, there are services that might provide a gadget or and end-user solution (and we do have gadgets too, like USB drives). However, there are no other companies that fully handle everything from beginning to end. You simply say "go," and we work out everything.

This is why major brands such as Billboard trust us to be their provider of instant recorded content.

Welcome to Disclive Network!

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